federal student aid ombudsman
The Federal Student Aid Ombudsman

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How to use FSA Ombudsman correctly

Federal Student Aid Ombudsman is a free service provided by the United States Department of Education. The Ombudsman is someone with independent viewpoints whom helps to resolve disputes while remaining neutral. The Ombudsman will do this by accumulating facts about your complaints and recommending solutions. If the Ombudsmanís research finds that your complaints are not justified they will take time to explain how to resolve the matter. They will also help you to understand how prevent future problems with student loans. If however, they find that your complaints are justified they will work on your behalf to resolve the matter with your lender. jordan 8 playoffs jordan 8 playoffs playoff 8s cheap playoff 8s jordan playoffs jordan 8 playoffs playoff 8s playoff 8s 2013

Explore every avenue

The Federal Student Aid Ombudsman will accept complaints only if they are Direct Loans, FFEL Loans, Guaranteed Student Loans, and Perkins Loans. The FSA Ombudsman does not have the power to reverse decisions.

Only contact the Ombudsman as a last resort and after every avenue to resolve the dispute on your own has been explored. If a reasonable effort to resolve the problem has been made and you still can not come to a satisfying conclusion, contact the FSA Ombudsman.

When using the Ombudsman you will find then to be respectful, courteous and helpful. They will update you with their findings in the professional and timely manner.

What they do not do

The FSA Ombudsman will not provide general customer services such as requesting student loan information, student loan applications, or forms. They do not take loan payments, process deferments, or accept complaints about grants and private lenders. They will not accept complaints when a formal or legal investigation is already being conducted be the United States Department of Education.

For additional help contact:

The United States Department of Education


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General information or questions will not be answered by Federal Student Aid Ombudsman.

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