student loan consolidation
Student Loan Consolidation

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Easy Student Loan Consolidation

The decision whether to consolidate student loans may look like a no-brainier to most, but truly the choice to use student loan consolidation is really up to the borrower. When looking at the choice to consolidate, a few questions must be asked and answered.

So many loans! What can students consolidate?

The first rule of thumb to remember when it comes to student loan consolidation is to never mix federal and private loans! This is important because one cannot put private loans into a federal loan consolidation. Another reason is if students put federal loans into a private consolidation loan, they would lose all the low interest benefits. The best way to keep all the loans into the proper consolidation is to approach the federal loans first. When those have been properly put into a federal student loan consolidation, then it is safe to tackle the private loans. Keeping organized is the most important aspect when working with financing as it can affect students for the rest of their lives. jordan 8 playoffs jordan 8 playoffs playoff 8s cheap playoff 8s jordan playoffs jordan 8 playoffs playoff 8s playoff 8s 2013

Sounds great! But can students use student loan consolidation for their loans?

Let’s take a quick look at what makes borrowers eligible to consolidate their loans. Students should consider if the loans are still in grace, or if they are still making payments on the loans, or if the loans have been deferred or put into default. These various loans could have been issued at different award times during the college term and at different rates that were prevalent at the time. As long as the student consolidation loan has a nice fixed, steady rate, students are bound to save money.

When borrowers are ready to look at student loan consolidation, they have to be out of school. Unfortunately, any loan that borrowers use while they are still taking classes can not be rolled into the consolidation loan. But when students graduate and enter into their six month grace period, or if their daily attendance slips below what can be considered half of full time, or if they no longer attend at all, then it is the time to consider consolidation. A good idea to remember concerning the six month grace period is the fact that if borrowers are still in that window, whatever they student consolidation loan they use federally is going to have a reduced interest rate. This is very helpful to borrowers who are just finishing their educational career.

The last few pointers to keep in mind concerning student loan consolidation are what to look for in a loan. Students need to ensure that whatever lender or loan program they are going to consider they need to research it first! They can ask for flexible payment options as well as the time period by which they need to pay the amount back. Students also need to ensure that if they want to pay back the consolidation loan early, there will not be any heavy fines attached to early payment. Another pointer to keep in mind is that students may consolidate a loan, even if it is already a consolidation loan. And last but not least, being able to send off one check to one lender, instead of having a notebook full of addresses and lenders, can relieve a lot of stress. Something anyone, not just college graduates, can appreciate is student loan consolidation.

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